Om oss

From the age of 16 I was employed as a diver, first in the military as a Royal Naval Clearance Diver then later as an offshore commercial diver working worldwide. I am very experienced within the sphere of hydro dynamics and removal/processing of river or seabed material and I now put this knowledge to good use in the construction and modification of gold processing equipment.

In 1995 I dipped my first pan in the water in Sweden & found gold, from that day I realised that this hobby was something that would be with me for the rest of my life.

As the years pass, my interest in Scandinavian gold deposits increase with trips to the productive goldfields of Finland now being a regular occurrence. I hope with this site that I can offer realistic equipment prices to anyone interested in this great hobby.

No matter how many times I pan out my concentrates, seeing that small yellow glint of gold brings a smile every time……..


Best of luck to you all in your search,

John Steele.


For 2021.

My goal to be able to provide an affordable, reliable & down to earth sales service for anyone interested in gold panning, sluicing or dredging.